• sonic drilling equipment and crew

Geoprobe Sonic

Sonic drilling is a method that can offer high quality core samples and fast penetration rates in unconsolidated overburden materials. High frequency vibration produced in the drill head and applied to drill rod or casing, works to relieve wall friction while penetrating even hard formations like till, boulders, or bedrock.

Our rubber tracked Geoprobe 8140LS is a medium sized sonic rig outfitted with an automatic rod handler, full rotational head and SPT hammer.  Sonic sampling options include the Standard 4”X6” method and DT45.  DT45 method is a multi-tube sampling system that provides quicker sample recovery, requires little or no water, and produces no cuttings apart from the sample.  When using this system the sample comes out in a clear hard-plastic tube which can be opened onsite, or taken away entirely undisturbed for further analysis.

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