About Drillwell

Vancouver Island Water Well Drilling, Hydro-Fracturing and Drilling Specialists Drillwell Enterprises was founded in 1965 by Ken Slade, who at that time had 17 years experience in the drilling industry. In 1982, David, Paul, and Calvin Slade became partners, as Drillwell became the largest Water Well drilling contractor in British Columbia. 2010 was Drillwell's 45th [...]

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Our Equipment

Vancouver Island water well drilling, hydro-fracturing and drilling equipment Drillwell Enterprises Ltd. operates a fleet of 11 well maintained Vancouver Island drilling rigs, consisting of 4 dual rotarys, two air rotary, three cable tool (percussion), and 2 auger machines. Drilling capabilities range from 4 inch to 36 inch diameter, with a maximum rated depth of [...]

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Vancouver Island Hydro-Fracturing

Hydro-Fracturing and Low Yield Water Wells We at Drillwell are often asked "What is hydro-fracturing?" and "I have a Vancouver Island water well. Can hydro-fracturing help me?" Hydro-fracturing is a technology that was first developed in the oil and gas industry. The theory behind the technology behind Vancouver Island hydro-fracturing is that by injecting high pressure [...]

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Exploration Mining

Mining and Exploration Drilling on Vancouver Island and Worldwide Drillwell has been involved in mining and exploration drilling on Vancouver Island and worldwide for more than 20 years. We have done drilling for mineral exploration, mine dewatering, and environmental monitoring purposes. We have worked on mining projects in South Africa, New Guinnea, Botswana, as well [...]

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