More than 25 years. We’ve performed drilling for mineral exploration, mine dewatering, and environmental monitoring purposes. In addition to Vancouver Island sites we’ve worked throughout BC, and in Mexico, South Africa, New Guinea and Botswana.

Some of the systems we employ include Christenson wireline 3” and 6” bulk sample coring, as well as HQ and NQ size diamond drilling. Our ability to do mud rotary drilling, air rotary drilling, angle drilling, overburden and rock drilling, and wireline core to depths of 1,500 feet enable us to tackle most exploration and mine drilling challenges.

We are frequently asked to switch between drilling methods to meet the specific needs of our clients so that maximum benefit can be gained from each borehole/project. This could include sonic drilling, odex drilling, hammer drilling, direct push, CPT testing and coring. This versatility has proven to set us apart from the competition and made us the “go to” contractor for many of the consulting firms working in British Columbia.

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