Drillwell was the first and continues to be the largest Geotechnical and Environmental drilling contractor on Vancouver Island. We have also been called on to participate in challenging geotechnical and environmental projects throughout the province using a variety of rigs and tooling.

Our auger, sonic and direct push units are all equipped with SPT hammers and have the ability to ODEX or rock drill. The support vans servicing these units are fully equipped with dynamic cones, shelby tubes, split spoons and supplies for monitoring or vapor well installations. Our dual rotary units can provide efficient, cost effective installations for deeper overburden or rock situations using threaded or welded casing joints.

We are frequently asked to switch between drilling methods to meet the specific needs of our clients so that maximum benefit can be gained from each borehole/project. This could include sonic drilling, odex drilling, hammer drilling, direct push, CPT testing and coring. This versatility has proven to set us apart from the competition and made us the “go to” contractor for many of the consulting firms working in British Columbia.

We have the ability to diamond drill in hard rock formations and have a limited access drill mounted on a mini excavator that can be detached and rolled down a hallway and powered via 50ft. hydraulic hoses connected to the excavator which serves as the hydraulic power unit.

Our drillers have experience setting deep multichannel wells, thermistors, piezometers, inclinometers and other instrumentation.  Their friendly attitudes and efficient performance set them apart from the competition.  For geotechnical or environmental drilling projects from Victoria to Nanaimo to Campbell River; from Malcolm Island, Quadra Island, Gabriola, Salt Spring or any of the Northern or Southern Gulf Islands, make Drillwell your first call for your next geotechnical or environmental project.

If you are just needing quotes for proposed drilling projects, we are happy to provide quick, thorough quotes in a timely fashion. Or we can help you design your drilling program using our knowledge of local drilling conditions and experience with almost every possible method of sampling, installation and well closure.

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