Hydro-fracturing is a technology first developed in the oil and gas industry. The theory behind the technology is that by injecting high pressure water into rock formations, the existing cracks and fissures in the bedrock can be opened and flushed out, thereby allowing fluids to travel more freely through the ground. Unlike oil and gas fracking only clean potable water is used during water well fracking (no chemicals).

We have been performing hydro-fracturing for over 15 years, and have some of the largest water well hydro-fracturing equipment in the province.  We’ve travelled throughout the islands and province improving both residential and municipal water supplies.

Our most dramatic hydro-fracturing successes have been in turning wells which were basically dry, into wells capable of producing 5 to 10 gallons per minute. More typically, results consist of wells improving to 2 or 3gpm from an initial 1gpm or less.

Hydro-fracturing has the potential to save clients many thousands of dollars in costs associated with other options such as drilling another well, or installing water storage cisterns and systems. In fact we have had a number of clients that have had their cisterns removed after hydro-fracturing dramatically increased the capacity of their existing wells.

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