The terms Geo-thermal or Geo-exchange or Ground Source heat pump systems, refer to the use of shallow (less than 500 feet) thermal, or heat energy stored in the ground as an energy source for heating, or as an energy “sink” for cooling. The energy is in fact solar energy, built up and stored in the upper portion of the earths crust.

The two basic types of heat pumps are comprised of “open loop” systems, which use a well or other water supply; and “closed loop” systems which use drilled holes, horizontal trenches, pits, or bodies of water to bury, cover or immerse hundreds of feet of plastic pipe.

Drillwell has used a geothermal heat pump for over 20 years to heat our shop on Vancouver Island. We have provided drilling services for many geo-exchange projects, both open and closed loop systems for residential commercial and industrial clients.

Geo-Exchange systems are the most energy efficient available for heating and cooling, apart from direct solar heating. While Ground source systems are not cheap to install, they are very reliable, low maintenance, quiet, cheap to operate and can be used for both heating and cooling. It is very difficult to beat a properly designed and installed Geo-Exchange system for comfort, operating cost, and low environmental impact.

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