Saanich is located near the Saanich Inlet on southern Vancouver Island. Residents of Saanich highly value the adjoining coastal ecosystem of the region, and as a well owner in Saanich it is important to recognize the vulnerability of the local water supply to human changes and inputs.

When considering Saanich water well drilling for your residential or commercial water needs the unique variables of the “residence time” of water in Saanich inlet relative to other coastal areas on southern Vancouver Island should be carefully considered. Water remains in the Inlet for a relatively long period of time between tidal flow, which can result in a greater build up of contaminants introduced by various human activities.

Numerous studes of the state of the Saanich Environment, aquifers and groundwater supplies have been undertaken by a variety of interested parties. Recently the Saanich council voted in favor of adopting a pesticide bylaw which means that as of January 2010 residential pesticide use will no longer be permitted for purely cosmetic purposes in an effort to protect the groundwater resources in the area.

There is a great awareness of how various human activities such as agriculture, livestock husbandry, sewage disposal via septic fields, road runoff, or other potentially contaminating activities can affect water quality in Saanich Inlet, as well as the surface flows and groundwater that drain into the inlet. Certain areas of Saanich, like Tod Creek, are a natural floodplain for storing and filtering extra water in winter, but has seen reduced drainage resulting in a shorter growing season for most crops. A sufficient supply of water for summer irrigation is also a growing concern.

As well owner, when considering Saanich water well drilling, it is important to plan your well carefully and maintain it with an eye on securing an environmentally safe, long term water supply for your needs. A properly drilled water well in Saanich can provide decades of clean great tasting water!

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