Shawnigan Lake is part of the Shawnigan region of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. As a resident of Shawnigan, you know that your beautiful part of the Island is a popular recreation destination. Its population typically doubles during the summer, as the lake and village are summer vacation spots for residents of Victoria, who commute between the city and Shawnigan Lake while staying in their summer cabins.

Strains on the groundwater supplies and aquifers typically increase greatly during the summer months due to increased demand. Shawnigan water well drilling requires anticipating and planning for pressure on aquifers during the busy summer months, and water wells must be drilled accordingly.

Shawnigan water well drilling requires knowledge of this region’s varied and unique challenges. The Shawnigan Lake watershed is a 10,500 hectare community watershed located approximately 45 kilometers northwest of Victora.
In the Shawnigan Lake area, residents are increasingly aware of the unfortunate side-effect of the lake’s immense popularity as a summer vacation spot. The slow degradation of the local watershed, due primarily to runoff and urban pollution, is a critical variable in Shawnigan water well drilling.

Shawnigan is located on the Wrangellia terrane which drifted northward along the earth’s plates until it impacted the westerly moving North American continent. It in turn was rammed by other terranes, thereby creating the unique stacked plate structure of southern Vancouver Island geology.

Currently there are ongoing forest management issues that are being addressed by local government and community groups that are concerned about the effect of logging on local aquifers and watersheds. As the region continues to develop, strategic Cowichan water well drilling will only increase in importance for the average residential or commercial well owner.

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