The beautiful landscape of Victoria, British Columbia was molded and shaped by water in various forms. When considering water well drilling in the Victoria area, there are numerous water related variables that should be carefully considered as the entire region is part of an interrelated, interdependent system of connected water networks.

There have been a number of high profile water related issues in the Victoria area in recent years that have highlighted the importance of clean water. According to many environmentalists, Victoria is worst offender for water pollution in the Canadian landscape. Not only does Victoria pump its raw sewage directly into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, an arm of the Pacific Ocean, but city officials currently see no reason to change. For those off of the city water grid, Victoria water well drilling is an excellent way to ensure a clean, safe and reliable source of groundwater.

Yellow area shows the location where Victoria water wells are commonly drilled
It is estimated that there are over 20,000 water wells and septic systems in the capital region, and that number increases by hundreds each year. A septic system can provide effective long term wastewater treatment, but it is very important that your Victoria water well drilling is done in such a way as to avoid any possibility of well water contamination.

Water shortages are a fact of life in the Victoria area. From May 1 till September 30th of every year, water use restrictions are in effect for residents on city water. As a private land owner who is considering Victoria water well drilling, conserving the water supply in your well is a high priority during the summer months. A properly constructed well will ensure an ample supply of clean, safe water throughout the year.

As well owner, when considering water well drilling, it is important to plan your well carefully and maintain it with an eye on securing an environmentally safe, long term water supply for your needs. A properly drilled water well in Victoria can provide decades of clean great tasting water!

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