The city of Duncan in British Columbia lies in the heart of the Cowichan Valley. It is characterized by fertile land carved out by glaciers 10,000 years ago and by the flow of two major rivers. Water has always been a central element of this region of Vancouver Island and for Duncan water well drilling, hydrofracturing or exploration nobody has more practical, hands-on experience than Drillwell.

Duncan water well drilling requires knowledge of this region’s varied and unique geology. The east coast of Vancouver Island, particularly the Duncan area, features a variety of geological substrate encountered when drilling.
Duncan is located on the Wrangellia terrane which drifted northward along the earth’s plates until it impacted the westerly moving North American continent. It in turn was rammed by other terranes, thereby creating the unique stacked plate structure of southern Vancouver Island geology.
The geological details of Duncan’s profile owe a great deal to glaciers and the Cowichan River. Starting two million years ago, a series of ice sheets emerged from the island’s mountainous interior and inched southeast. Working like giant files, they rounded the valley’s sides and bottom and created the open book U-shape wherein Duncan lies. This glaciation was so heavy that it compressed the earth’s surface in the Duncan area below sea level which makes Duncan water well drilling unique in its challenges. At the same time, glacial meltwater freighted the valley bottom with the rich sedimentary deposits that provide Duncan with such fine agricultural land.

Before it was dyked and channelled in the 1880s, the Cowichan River which flows through the Duncan area flowed over the eastern end of the valley, including what is now City of Duncan territory. Geologists believe it was such a scenario that created two of Duncan’s more prominent features: Many Duncan water wells are drilled in the tree-covered mound south of Government Street known as Strawberry Hill and the block-and-a half-long ridge between Brae Road and Duncan Street where William Duncan built his home.
Not all Duncan water well drilling takes place in the low lying regions. The geological course followed by water also created the bluff on the town’s west and north sides. What was once a tree-lined bank of the Cowichan River now distinctly separates the benchland neighbourhoods of Centennial Heights and Buena Vista from the rest of the city.
With our central office located in the beautiful city of Duncan, BC, Drillwell Enterprises is uniquely equipped to offer the very best water well drilling services in the Duncan area.