Domestic Water Wells

Drillwell Enterprises has been in business since 1965 constructing safe, secure water supplies for residences and municipalities throughout the province. A water supply can often be taken for granted however water is one of the more important of our everyday needs. Just how dependent we are on a reliable water supply becomes painfully obvious when issues arise.

Well Problem or Pump System?

Generally wells provide a lifetime of problem free operation but pumps can only be expected to last 7-15 years. There are also other pumping system components (in and out of hole) that can fail and given each pump system and application is unique it can sometimes be challenging to diagnose.

Nine times out of ten well problems are pumping system issues. Sometimes what seems like a major problem ends up being a quick fix when the troubleshooting is performed by an experienced technician.

Qualified Pump Installers

Drillwell has focused our business on the drilling, development and repair of wells and pointed clients toward local, qualified pump installers. When your water system needs attention your best bet will be to follow up with a qualified pump installer.

Any work down the well needs to be performed by a reputable, qualified, registered with the province business. This is a legal requirement and a link to the registry can be found here:

You’ll want to provide your pump installer as much information as possible on the well system and issues experienced. Generally this will include well record and pump set details. Occasionally further investigation will lead a pump installer to determine there is an issue that needs to be addressed by a driller (stuck pump, collapsed hole, surface seal retrofit, redevelopment, etc.).