Three DR24’s

Our new Foremost Dual Rotary 24 has arrived and we have begun outfitting it to best meet our needs. This will be the 6th Dual Rotary in our fleet consisting of DR12s, DR24s and one DR24HD. These are all truck mounted tandem and tridem rigs each supported with folding boom cranes and heavy service vehicles.

These units are incredibly versatile and in addition to drilling water wells are regularly used for drilled piles, deep geotechnical instrumentation installations and geothermal bore holes.

What is Dual Rotary Drilling?

Foremost acquired and developed Barber’s dual rotary product line in the early 90’s and has remained a leader in the production of rigs utilizing the dual rotary method. These drills feature a unique lower rotary drive that can advance steel casing through unconsolidated materials which often prove challenging to other drill methods. Typically air rotary methods are used with our DR’s but we can also use mud for a circulation medium.

Why Dual Rotary?

We’ve found these rigs to be the more effective than other drilling methods. We started using the dual rotary method 15 years ago and have long since replaced all our conventional casing hammer drills. We are very familiar with the rigs and methods and even travelled as far as India to assist with startups and training at the request of the manufacturer.

The dual rotary method allows for quicker production, straighter holes, and ease of casing extraction. Quite simply the DR method allows for successful program completion in challenging conditions where other drilling methods have failed.