The city of Qualicum in British Columbia lies north of Parksville, on the East coast of central Vancouver Island. Because of the abundant rivers, streams and lakes in the Qualicum area, one might take a safe, sufficient supply of water for granted when water well drilling. However, Qualicum water well drilling involves many variables that must be taken into consideration.

The quantity and quality of surface and groundwater in Qualicum are affected directly by human activity, whether that is land development, resource extraction, water consumption or discharge of pollutants. All of these activities are on the rise in the region,and have an impact on Qualicum water well drilling.

Population growth in the Qualicum region along with existing land uses continues to put pressure on ground and surface water sources which impacts our watersheds and Qualicum water well drilling strategies. These impacts have led to changes in many watersheds and ground water sources in a number of areas throughout the region are affected.

Qualicum water well drilling requires knowledge of this region’s varied and unique geology. The east coast of Vancouver Island, particularly the Qualicum area, features a variety of geological substrate encountered when drilling. Qualicum is located on the Wrangellia terrane which drifted northward along the earth’s plates until it impacted the westerly moving North American continent. It in turn was rammed by other terranes, thereby creating the unique stacked plate structure of southern Vancouver Island geology.

Many local governments such as Qualicum are adopting “low impact development” standards to reduce the impacts of urban development on watersheds by managing storm/rainwater in ways that mimic nature – infiltrate, filter, store, evaporate, and retain rainfall runoff close to its source. These innovative approaches to rainwater management have obvious benefits to both surface and underground sources of drinking water as well as for the well-being of streams and water bodies, all of which must be considered when water well drilling in Qualicum.

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