For water well drilling, hydrofracturing or exploration drilling on Thetis Island, nobody has more practical, hands-on experience than Drillwell. Thetis Island is named after the Royal Navy ship HMS Thetis, that was on station in this area in the colonial days.

Thetis Island water well drilling requires knowledge of its varied and unique geology and topography. The rock formations on Thetis Island are a succession of siliciclastic marginal-marine and marine sediments often exposed on the surface.

Across Thetis Island, groundwater is a far safer water source than surface water because it is protected by soil or rock. At Drillwell, our extensive experience has demonstrated that Thetis Island water well drilling, when properly done by our certified technicians, can provide you with a water supply that is not as easily contaminated as surface water.

Thetis Island is part of the “Islands Trust” area, which includes most of the Gulf Islands. The Islands Trust is similar to a municipal level of government, whose primary function is the preservation and protection of the Gulf Islands and their unique habitat.

Thetis Island has representatives on the Islands Trust, and produces it’s own zoning and bylaws to best reflect what the individual residents wish for the island. A properly constructed and certified Thetis Island water well is the best way to insure that the water you drink is safe and clean.

Pricing for water well drilling on Thetis Island is usually done on a per foot basis. Drive shoes and well screens are extra, but at Drillwell there are normally no hourly, consultation, or developing charges.