New DR24!

Three DR24’s Our new Foremost Dual Rotary 24 has arrived and we have begun outfitting it to best meet our needs. This will be the 6th Dual Rotary in our fleet consisting of DR12s, DR24s and one DR24HD. These are all truck mounted tandem and tridem rigs each supported with folding boom cranes and heavy […]

New 4X4 Truck Auger!

Our New Mobile B29 auger drill has arrived! This low clearance rig can operate under a 15’ high ceiling and is mounted on a 4X4 F550 pickup. It comes equipped with an automatic SPT hammer and can auger, Odex, mud rotary drill or diamond drill core (HQ3 or NQ sizes). This unit can setup and […]

New LS250 Sonic!

We received delivery on a new 2019 Boart LS250 sonic drill this summer. This track mounted rig is a mid-sized, track mounted unit suitable for depths up to 250’ in most ground conditions. It comes equipped with an automatic SPT hammer. This is our second LS250 sonic and both are supported with track mounted Kubota […]

Saltspring Island Water Well Drilling

residential waterwell example

When it comes to water well drilling, hydrofracturing or exploration drilling on Saltspring Island, nobody has more practical, hands-on experience than Drillwell. Saltspring Island water well drilling requires knowledge of its varied and unique geology and topography. The median depth of all reported drilled wells is 47 metres (154 feet) while the median reported yield […]

Vancouver Island Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps

The terms Geo-thermal or Geo-exchange heat pump systems, refer to the use of shallow (less that 500 feet) thermal, or heat energy stored in the ground as an energy source for heating, or as an energy “sink” for cooling. The two basic types of Vancouver Island heat pumps are comprised of “open loop” systems, which […]