When it comes to water well drilling, hydrofracturing or exploration drilling in the region south of Nanaimo known as the Cedar area, nobody has more practical, hands-on experience than Drillwell.

The east coast of Vancouver Island, particularly the Cedar area, features a variety of geological substrate encountered when drilling. Numerous coal seams are found in the Cedar area, including former coal mines and the proximity of the Nanaimo landfill creates issues for Cedar water well drilling that differ from those in the central Nanaimo area.
Drillwell has many years of experience in water well drilling in the Cedar area. The year 2010 marks 45 years in business for Drillwell, and the successfull completion of over 6,ooo BC and Vancouver Island water wells.

Although we drill holes up to 36 inches in diameter, and up to 1,500 feet deep, the typical domestic Cedar water well drilling creates a well that is 6 inches in diameter, with an average depth of about 150 feet.
Water wells for domestic use are our main focus, and we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to help you get the most out of the ground that Mother Nature laid down.